Sidr Honey (Pure Omani Product %)

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Taking a tablespoon of honey daily provides you with the elements and vitamins that contribute to the health of the body in general ..

Water 16% - Fruit sugar (fructose) 41% - Grape sugar (glucose) 34% - Cane sugar 3% - Salts 0.81% - Vitamin B1 (thiamine: metabolizing carbohydrates inside the body) - B2 (riboflavin: very necessary for the vitality of the body) - B5 (Thiacin) - Vitamin C.

Sidr honey is one of the finest types of honey in the Sultanate of Oman, because it contains high health characteristics and specifications. It was tested by (Lonestar Alpha Laboratories), where the analysis was done by using the internationally known American chemical (AOAC Method), where it was found that the moisture content in honey is 20/ 11.3 and the natural sugar ratio is 60/80.2, which makes it one of the finest and best types of honey.

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