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Ingredients: Modified Starch, Potato Granules, Palm Oil, Chilli And Chicken Flavor, Salt And Nature Identical Flavours.

Information about this product:

  • Not oily on your fingers and mouth
  • Rich flavor in every bite, great for a quick snack on the go
  • Unique shape, richly spiced taste, and small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Great for parties and gatherings, perfect for sharing at home or taking on the road
  • A must have at any type of social event, it always tastes better when shared
  • Enjoy it at any time. Keep it in your lunch box, backpack, car, or anywhere and enjoy it on the go.

Carton dimensions (length, width, height): 42 cm x 31 cm x 28 cm Carton weight: 0.75 kg

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